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Steve Mher Injury Lawyers have built a strong reputation for protecting the rights of senior citizens and defending them from the neglect and abuse that is all too common in care facilities today. We can help put an end to the harmful actions of the caretakers and facilities that allow such treatment, and recover the compensation needed to move your loved one to a safe and comforatble facility. If you suspect that your loved one is a victim of elder abuse, do not hesitate to call us today.

What is Elder Abuse and Neglect?

Nursing homes perpetrate elder abuse and neglect in many forms. Elder abuse involves intentionally inflicting harm on seniors. It includes harm that is both physical and sexual. Neglect involves the failure of caregivers to provide adequate care to residents. When care homes fail to provide adequate staffing, surveillance, and training, residents suffer from bed sores, falls, malnutrition, and dehydration. The following are examples of physical abuse and neglect:

Physical Abuse
  • Pushing
  • Slapping
  • Punching
  • Pinching
  • Kicking
  • Failing to provide dental care
  • Failing to help residents practice recommended range of motion exercises
  • Failing to change residents’ linens after an episode of incontinence
  • Ignoring residents who are bedfast and failing to offer activities to them
  • Failing to practice prescribed wound care
  • Failing to regularly bathe residents
  • Doing a one-person transfer when the resident requires a two-person transfer
  • Failing to do scheduled toileting or help residents when they ask
  • Failing to hydrate residents adequately
  • Turning off a call light and taking no action upon the resident’s request

How Common is Elder Abuse?

40 percent of people over the age of 65 live in nursing homes. Although it may be hard to believe, research shows that 1 in 10 of these homes have violated federal standards and harmed residents. The actual number of abuse and neglect incidents is even higher—for every case of reported to authorities, five more are left unreported.

Is My Loved One at Risk?

While nursing homes instigate abuse and/or neglect on a variety of residents, the following factors increase the risk for elder abuse and neglect:

  • Greater limitations in physical functioning
  • Presence of cognitive impairment
  • Behavioral symptoms including physical aggressiveness
Warning Signs

By learning the signs of abuse and neglect, you’ll be able to identify subtle signs and intervene early.

General Signs
  • Staff prevents visitors from seeing a resident.
  • Staff refuses to leave visitors alone with a resident.
  • Tension exists between caregivers and a resident.
  • Staff makes rude or humiliating comments to a resident.
Physical Signs of Abuse
  • Unexplained cuts
  • Unexplained bruises
  • Bone fractures
  • Broken eyeglasses
  • Broken hearing aids
  • Rope burns
  • Injuries to mouth, genitals or anus
  • Uncharacteristic withdrawal or anxiety
Behavioral Changes
  • Sudden changes in personality
  • Depression, sadness, or frequent crying
  • Increased anger
  • Increased anxiety
Signs of Neglect
  • Bed sores, pressure sores, and ulcers
  • Malnutrition and extreme hunger
  • Extreme weight loss
  • Dehydration
  • Occurrence of falls
  • Infections
  • Blood clots
  • Poor hygiene
  • Uncharacteristic withdrawal or anxiety

Why do care programs harm their residents?

Often, care homes fail to adequately perform background checks on employees that perpetrate abuse. One reason for this is understaffing. As care homes need more staff to sufficiently perform background checks, for-profit homes sacrifice patient safety to increase their profits. For this reason, for-profit nursing homes have an average of 47 percent more deficiencies than non-profit nursing homes.

Nursing homes that violate health and safety standards need to take responsibility for their actions that harm America’s most frail individuals. Holding negligent nursing homes accountable will improve their safety policies for future residents.

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Steve Mehr Injury Lawyers are here to help you end the abusive and neglectful behavior and get the compensation you and your family deserve. If you suspect abuse or neglect, help other victims and break the silence. Do not hesitate to contact Steve Mehr Injury Lawyers today at (800) 219-1919.

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